Monday, August 20, 2012

Cormo Fleeces for sale

Both Cormo fleeces from the State Fair are for sale!
Price is $25/lb. plus shipping costs. If someone wants
the entire fleece I will pay the shipping!

State Fair Grand Champion Fleece!

Fleeces entered in the wool contest at the Iowa State Fair!
Won 1st & 3rd in the Fine wool Class as well as Grand Champion
of the entire show!!

                                               Cormo Fleece from Whistle 7lbs skirted
                                                               Grand Champion!!
                                                                 SOLD - JULIE


                                          Cormo Fleece from Peanut - 3rd place winner!
                                                                SOLD  - ANNIE

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Time for catching up!

2nd shearing is done & I have been washing fleece like a crazy woman! The first fiber show of the season is March 24th! Coming fast! It's Fiberpalooza in Winterset, Ia. Two weeks later a show in Kansas City!

Also waiting for the new crop of lambies! The ewe mamas all look so uncomfortable & have a bad case of the "waddles" when they walk! I give the the pep talk each morning about what a great day it is to have babies, but so far nothing! Actual due date is the 20th!